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Board of Directors


Chris Reyes

Vice President


Ryan Cannon


Mary Cannon-Orehowsky 


Athletic  Director

Chris Telson

Cheer Coordinator / Assistant Cheer Director

Sam Babel             /   Cierra Orehowsky

By Laws Coordinator

Joe Gonzalez

Web/Communication Director

Rob Carpenter

Banquet Coordinator

Tanya Gillahan

Field Director

Bill Donofrio

Equipment Director / Assistant Equipment Director

John Orehowsky    /     Ryan Babel

League Rep/ Flag Coordinator

Rocky Pagnotta

Snack Stand Director / Assistant Snack Stand Director

Fundraising Director

 Tiffany Pagnotta

Jenn Hartzel

Sponsorship Director

Kelly Telson

Members at Large

Etta Rooney

Eric Gillahan

Cassie Mensch

Sabrina Wagner

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